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What others say...

 "Wonderful, life changing experience"

"I joined Tamara and the team for a two day ceremony in Amsterdam and it was breath taking. The whole experience was amazing and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things in my life. I feel so happy I finally done ayahuasca! Tamara and the team were lovely and very welcoming. Thankyou so much for the experience." K.H :)

— Abs, September 09, 2020

 "Wonderful experience"

"I had two ceremonies with Tamara and her team and it was the best and most deep experiences I had with the mother. I felt so much trust just by her presence and the ceremonies left a deep healing and gave me so much strength for all the struggles I’m having in my life. I’m looking forward to the next ceremony with the medicine tribe."

— Jens Jensen   August 01, 2020

  "one of the most loving places"

"my journey and my experience with this team can hardly be expressed in words. so much love, incredible music and tamaras Voice just incredible. it is and remains the best journey to myself. I am so thankful to you and I miss my second family 🥰 Much Love Amy"

— Amy   July 24, 2020

 About Tamara

"A real bless"

"Such a lovely person. Kind, gentile, professional, thankful. She sets a great atmosphere and her singing voice and choice of music alone are healing. She listens and hears. 😘"




About the team


"Wonderful - full of wonders"

"Such a great team! Full of experience and love. They help, take care and look after you really well. Beautiful music that does a lot, even without a medicine. A save setting where you can truly be(come) yourself."

— Joy de Vries   July 17, 2020

" Mindblowing!"

"This has been the best experience of my life so far!"

— Jeroen Mous   July 16, 2020

"Magical, my path is with this tribe!"



"The medicine tribe gives amazing and very safe space to connect, share their love and guide you trough the whole process of working with the plant medicine. Its highly professional how they set up the retreat and do the sacred ceremonies! Magical icaros and medicine music, tamara is the best voice ever. And such passion, this is her path and you feel it in your soul. Im proud of being everytime a part of this wonder, forever grateful and will be with the tribe much more times!! X Naomi"

Naomi   march 15, 2020

 "Amazing work"


"My journey at the medicine tribe was the best that I ve ever had. Felt so much love and light doing the ceremony. The team is just amazing. The music incredible and the food just wow. I am so grateful and thankful for Tamara and her team. I really recommend this tribe the best that I’ve ever been. Definitely I come back. Felt like a big family that I miss already. Much love .... Erika"

— Erikosik   Feb 21, 2020

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