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vr 28 aug.



Peyote Ceremonies with Temazcalero Raul Hernandez Morales in The Netherlands


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Peyote Ceremonies with Temazcalero Raul Hernandez Morales in The Netherlands

Tijd & Locatie

28 aug. 2020 16:00 – 30 aug. 2020 14:00

Zeeland, 5411 Zeeland, Nederland


Over het evenement

We are blessed enough to have Raul come over to Holland and share his gifts and wisdom in a shamanistic peyote ceremony ✨  


The bridge between two Worlds Raúl Hernández Morales is of Mexican origin and  began to participate at temezcals at the age of 18.  

When he was 24, he began to lead them himself. 

Since then he has travelled the world conducting temescals, and getting to know other forms within Mexico, the US  and Europe. 

And now he have 22 year experience. 

Although his first temazcales were inside the indigenous tradition of the North of the  US, the ancestral memory carried him to explore the techniques of his ancestors from Central Mexico. 

In his family there existed a temazcalera practice but unfortunately it was lost because of the early death of his mother when he was one and a half years old. 

His mother  practiced and guided the indigenous Totonac temezcal, which itself was inspired and  had been instructed by her great-grandmother who was a Totonac healer.  

Raul descends from the indigenous Otomi  culture from the side of his father, and of a  European-indigenous mestizo mix from the side  of his mother. 

In spite of that, his youth was  strongly influenced by oriental cultures. 

He lived  close to gurus and an ashram. 

There he learnt  yoga, meditation and similar disciplines from his  very early years. 

But in adolescence, an inner  calling brought him to discover ceremonial  practices of Mexican indigenous people, and he  keeps advancing, fascinated by the immense  worlds of the Mayan, Aztec and Wirrarika  cultures. 

He develops thoughts of two worlds, the American indigenous world and the European world. 

His instinct to enforce both visions leads him to study simultaneously sociology in university and indigenous medicine in the Mexican desert.  

Vision for Europe Since 10 years he has lived in Belgium.  

He follows an internal pilgrimage towards his ancestral energy, in this  case his European side. 

And he discovers, surprisingly, a European  indigenous culture that is perfectly  alive and an ancestral culture  connected to nature. 

But he says that, unfortunately, the vast majority of Europeans are very far from it,  although they live on it, sleep on it and walk on it every day. 

Even though they also arose from it, they have banished it to history, to the pagan rites, into museums etc. 

In spite of this, he believes that Europeans also have an ancestral memory. 

While this  seems to be an empty space at the moment, which creates among other things the  so-called “existential problems” of modern life, this void is filled up automatically when we reconnect with the nature of our origins: and, beyond cultures and traditions, it is  essentially about the reconnection with nature itself.  

Food and accommodation are included.   

If you feel the call or want more information feel free to contact me.  

There is the possibility to do 1 or 2 ceremonies. 


Cost: €250/475

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